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VantageView Quantum™

In addition to the same great features as VantageView™, VantageView Quantum™ includes precise measurement of a buildings exterior and interior improvements and subsequent square footage calculations. InnerGuide Technologies has partnered with Stevenson Systems, Inc.; the industry leader in Space Accounting, As-Built drawing development and building measurement services for more than 25 years.

Together we create a computerized construction model of the building and its interior improvements based on architectural drawings that have been verified in the field down to 1/8 of an inch using the most accurate laser measuring devices available. Field verification coupled with architectural drawings creates As-Built drawings that are the basis for the most accurate square footage calculations in the industry.

Innerguide Technologies combines its state of the art VantageView™ life safety application with precision building measurement and As-Built drawings from Stevenson Systems to create an unparalleled service and solution supporting loss prevention, asset protection and drawing management.

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