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VantageView™ is a proprietary and patent pending application delivering highly detailed, fully navigational virtual maps of the interior of your building. VantageView™ successfully delivers a combination of technologies; digital photography, floor plan layouts, architectural design, and geographic information systems into a single, simple-to-use application offering impeccable visual accuracy and easy navigation. In short, VantageView™ does for the interior of your building as to what Google Earth does for the exterior of the Earth’s surface.

VantageView™ offers the fastest navigation platform in the marketplace cataloging and viewing every square foot of your facility with 360º zoom-able, panoramic digital photographs that match to exact destinations within re-imaged schematics. VantageView™ can be customized to highlight notable areas and features of your building; however, we encourage emphasis on critical sites pertinent to crisis response such as roof access points, escape routes, hydrants, defibrillators, utilities, electric/alarm panels, handicapped safety areas, chemical storage, and much more.

InnerGuide Technologies is a full service company providing the assessment, collection, verification, capture, organization, re-imaging, and integration of data required for functionality of your facility’s VantageView™ application.

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