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Insurance Factors

Insurance Factors


Insurance providers will offer incentive to facilities authorized as VantageView™ IFNS Certified (Interactive Facility Navigation System). These incentives typically equate to more than the cost of the application. What does this mean for you? It means you shell out less money, receive the exact same coverage, and maintain a safer facility for all of your visitors, employees, and first responders. Now that’s a winning scenario!

Here are some key points when collaborating with your insurance carrier about offsetting your premiums:

1. Your local 911 Authorities have acknowledged use of VantageView™. It helps them respond faster, safer, and better informed when called to your building. (Examples: Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Fire, Heart Attack, Theft, Vandalism)

2. VantageView™ serves as a valuable underwriting tool saving your insurance carrier money on appraisal services, replacement cost analyses, and other costly evaluation processes.

3. VantageView™ is an excellent risk management and loss prevention tool contributing to the effectiveness of proactive documentation saving time and money pertaining to insurance claim filings. InnerGuide Technologies helps expedite this process. We catalogue and verify every tangible item throughout your facility offering accurate documentation of these assets in case of a loss due to any of these perils:

     • Chemical Emergencies
     • Dam Failure
     • Earthquake
     • Explosion
     • Fire or Wildfire
     • Flood
     • Hail Damage
     • Hazardous Material
     • Heat
     • Hurricane
     • Landslide
     • Lightening
     • Power Plant Interruption
     • Smoke Damage
     • Terrorism
     • Theft
     • Thunderstorm
     • Tornado
     • Tsunami
     • Vandalism
     • Volcano
     • Wildfire
     • Winter Storm

4. InnerGuide Technologies VantageView™ application has been endorsed by leading law firms stating its effectiveness in legal and/or forensic analysis helping support favorable outcomes in litigation or claims investigations. Here are a few examples:

    • Negligence
    • Slippery floors
    • Unsanitary conditions
    • Workers compensation
    • Combustible Fluids
    • Congestion
    • Premise Security
    • Un-inspected boilers
    • Evacuation Procedures

VantageView™ protects your company’s money and your insurance carrier’s money too.

5. VantageView™ guarantees accuracy when reconstruction is needed eliminating any “grey” areas pertaining to “as was” conditions.

Insurance Companies appreciate VantageView™ because it increases life safety, protects assets, safeguards potential liabilities, eliminates costly evaluation procedures, and keeps your coverage honest. Show your insurance carrier how much you care by becoming VantageView™ IFNS Certified and your insurance provider will show you how much this means to them by improving your bottom line.


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