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Industries Served

Protecting the critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) of the United States is essential to our Nation’s security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life. Emergencies at your facility could significantly disrupt the functioning of your business producing cascading effects and catastrophic losses in terms of human casualties, property destruction, and economic effects, as well as profound damage to public morale and confidence having devastating physical and psychological consequences. InnerGuide Technologies is dedicated to helping your facility mitigate, plan for, respond to, and recover from these threats as we proudly serve the following industries:

Agriculture and Food
     • Food Processing
     • Distribution
     • Grocery Retail

Banking and Finance
    • Banks
    • Exchanges

    • Manufacturers
    • Warehouses
    • Laboratories

Commercial Facilities
    • Office Space
    • Shopping Malls
    • Warehouses
    • Convention Centers


Defense Industrial Base
    • Defense manufacturers

Drinking Water and Water Treatment Systems

    • Private
    • Public
    • Higher Learning

Emergency Services
    • Police
    • Fire
    • SWAT
    • Ambulance
    • Military

    • Oil Refineries
    • Hydro Plants
    • Electric
    • Natural Gas Transfer Stations
    • Power Plants

Government Facilities
    • Courthouses
    • Bureau Buildings
    • Prisons
    • Federal Reserves

Hospitality & Entertainment
    • Hotels
    • Night Clubs
    • Casinos
    • Stadiums
    • Arenas
    • Amusement Parks

Information Technology
    • Data Transfer Hubs
    • Web Servers

National Monuments and Icons
• Cultural Properties
    • Museums
    • Libraries
    • Stadiums
    • Arenas
    • Tourist Attractions
    • Amusement Parks

Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste

    • Nuclear Power
    • Storage Facilities

Postal and Shipping

Public Health and Healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
    • Clinics
    • Medical Supply Manufacturers
    • Laboratories
    • Nursing Homes
    • Storage Facilities


Transportation Systems
    • Cargo Docks
    • Mass Transit
    • Ports

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