“A crystal clear viewpoint of your facility – when you need it.”
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Here’s a hint about us. We play significant rolls in emergency response, business continuity, risk management, loss prevention, strategic communications, crisis intervention, insurance claims, and security while delivering tools that can actually reduce operating costs and show an ROI. Any guesses?

InnerGuide Technologies is the leading innovator, premier publisher, and optimum service provider of facility navigation and digital floor plan technologies in the marketplace. We are the creators of VantageView™, a patent pending solution bridging the much needed communication & response gap that exists between large facilities (utilized commercially, industrially, or publicly) and First Responders. But wait there’s more….we go beyond bridging this gap; at the same time we provide building owners and managers with a powerful tool that can be utilized in a variety of daily operations at many capacities other than 911 response. (See Applications)

In short, what Google does for the Earth with Google Earth InnerGuide Technologies does for the interior of buildings with VantageView™. We enable rapid development, organization & deployment of highly detailed digital floor plans with site-specific navigational features for the interiors of properties. Our products and services enable first responders to pinpoint the exact location of the crisis (even prior to arriving at the scene) providing thorough visual representation of the entire facility.

VantageView™ aids in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any emergency. We collect vital information and highlight areas such as utility shut-offs, fastest ingress/egress routes, landing zones, hazardous materials, roof access points, camera feeds, and much more. Perhaps best of all, VantageView™ has been designed with the end-user in mind offering simple and intuitive navigation that is easy to mentally retain requiring minimal training if any. InnerGuide Technologies offers you a crystal clear viewpoint of your facility - when you need it.

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