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Think of this scenario. You are having dinner at a restaurant and someone across from you begins to violently choke. Do you have to be certified in CPR in order to administer it? - Of course not. A similar principle applies when utilizing VantageView™. VantageView™ has been designed with the end-user in mind offering a simple and intuitive navigation platform that is easily self-taught and mentally retained requiring no formal training. However, if you or your personnel would like to hone navigation skills, learn intelligent applications, and become a VantageView™ Certified Professional, InnerGuide Technologies offers a partial-day training certification course.

VantageView™ Certification provides:
• Detailed navigation procedures & functions
• Fastest navigation methods
• Practical applications
• Emergency applications
• Use in mitigation, response, & recovery
• Real-Life Scenarios
• Hands-on use
• Collaboration with insurance companies
• Timed testing
• A “VantageView™ Certified Professional” Certificate of Achievement

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